SUP Safety Award

22nd October – 14th November

Have you always wanted to try paddle boarding? Are you a beginner who doesn’t seem to be progressing? 
Join our Zero-to-Hero course and build your skills over 5 weeks in the winter, preparing you for a full season of paddling fun when spring | summer rolls back around!

The SUP Safety Award is a progressional series of technical paddle boarding clinics which covering basic to advanced paddle boarding technique.
This award has been put together to help up-skill paddlers to ensure that they can safely paddle year round.  Clinics are £45 each for non members and free for members. If you book more than 1 clinic, each additional clinic can be purchased at a 25% discount. We will donate a further 25% of the price to Above Water
You will receive a certificate of completion if you complete the entire award!

All clinics include a free hot drink of your choice from our CoffeeBox afterwards to warm you up.

We are confident that completing the award will take you from ZERO to HERO, becoming the safe, skilful, fit, and adventurous paddler you crave to be!


5 courses - 5 weeks

Beginner & Improver Lesson


10am & 1pm

Paddling in Wind Clinic


1000 - 1230

Learn to Turn Clinic



Paddling with your Core Clinic



Practical Paddling Planning Clinic


0900 - 1300

Beginner & Improver Lesson : 22 | 10 |21

10.00 – 12.00 (0930 meet on Gylly Beach)
13.00 – 15.00 (1230 meet on Gylly Beach)
£45.00 pp | FREE to Club wesup members.

Location: wesup. Gylly Beach

A 2 hour practical & theoretical course , that will give you excellent fundamental paddling and safety skills, preparing you for year round paddling.
This is perfect for beginner and improver paddlers and will teach you proper technique, correcting any bad habits you may have picked up.
You will leave the course a confident, graceful and efficient paddler.


Paddling in the Wind Clinic : 31 | 10 | 21

09.00 – 12.00 (0830 meet on Gylly Beach)
£45.00 pp | FREE to Club wesup members.

Location: wesup. Gylly Beach

Being able to read and understand wind & tide charts is simply the most essential skill for paddle boarders.  It will enable you to make quality, safe decisions on when and where you can go paddling. This 3 hour course is split into two super informative parts: 1.5 hours in the classroom and 1.5 hours on the water with the classroom session taking place at the wesup Gylly Beach Container.

Learn to Turn Clinic : 07 | 11 | 21

10.00 – 12.00 (0930 meet on Gylly Beach)
£45.00 pp | FREE to Club wesup members.

Location: wesup. Gylly Beach

Learning to control your board is an important skill that is often overlooked.
This 2 hour course will teach you how to control your board in windy, wavy and fair conditions. This gives you the skills to cope and stay calm in scenarios where you have gone off course, enabling you to get to safety.
These skills could save your life, so this course is essential for beginners & improvers.

Paddling with your Core Clinic: 14 | 11 | 21

09.00 – 11.00 (0830 meet on Gylly Beach)
£45.00 pp | FREE to Club wesup members.

Location: wesup. Gylly Beach

Paddle boarding is great for your core, if you know how to engage it!
During this 2 hour course, we will teach you how to paddle with real purpose and power. You will learn how to take full advantage of your body’s natural mechanics to paddle with far less effort per stroke, revolutionising your skills.
This course is suitable for those who are able to stand up, without a consistent concern of falling.

Practical Paddling Planning Clinic: 21 | 11 | 21

09.00 – 13.00 (0830 meet on Gylly Beach)
£45.00 pp | FREE to Club wesup members.

Location: wesup. Gylly Beach

This course will pull together all of the theory from the prior courses, and will teach you how to plan your micro adventures and wilderness expeditions.
This 4 hour course will teach you how to prepare for your adventure, reading the weather on route, exit strategies, helping those in trouble and how to stay safe on the water.
Upon completion, you will be comfortable with safely planning future adventures!