Sunrise SUP Yoga

Price per session: Club WeSUP members £10 | Non Members £15

Join our top qualified dance, fitness & SUP Yoga instructor Robyn every Saturday morning at 8.30am.

This class is for club members and non-members who have a love for yoga and want to give it a go on a paddleboard! It’s suitable for total beginners, and experienced yogis who want to learn and develop their SUP yoga skills on the serene early morning waters at Gylly Beach.

If you are a non-member, it is essential that you have some experience in stand up paddleboarding. Before you take part, you must prove your competency to WeSUP member of staff by completing a basic competency test. We enforce this rule to maintain the safety of the group ensuring if something were to go wrong, (i.e dramatic change in weather conditions) everyone is able to paddle themselves to safety. There are a few ways to do this.

–  Pay £10 for a basic competency test (call to book)
–  Book onto a regular Beginner SUP Lesson
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To book your session, please call or text Robyn on 07980408147

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are un-sure what you should do.

Tel: 01326 311830

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