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Why pay to join a paddle boarding Club like Club wesup?

Paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports and there is a growing amount of information available online on how to paddle board, along with social groups on facebook helping more and more people access the water. But are you confident that you have all of the skills to progress in your paddle boarding journey? The value in joining a club like Club wesup is around education and training. We offer an unprecedented level of high quality training which is far, far more than any other club. The difference between paddle boarding and becoming a paddle boarder is enormous and if your skill set, personal safety and that of your paddle pals is of concern to you, please read on!

Your paddling skill set is a representation of your ability to remain safe on the water, especially when the conditions change and your lose your ability to cope. The worst thing that could possibly happen to you out on the water could happen at anytime if you are not prepared and do not fully understand the risk.  This is just a simple fact but also the very last thing we want to happen to you.

Are you a paddle boarder or are you paddle boarding?

Yes, of course Club wesup is a super social, well organised and fully inclusive social SUP club and we’re set for some remarkable shared experiences this season with a group of truly awesome humans, but what differentiates us is the fact that we run a number of totally unique and specialist skill clinics all throughout the season that help you to become a fully prepared, safe and responsible paddler.

Free Social SUP clubs are incredible and we urge everyone to be a part of one. Club wesup is just different and should be considered ‘as well as’ and I want to share our values with you. I’m not singling anyone out or suggesting you shouldn’t just give it a go or that hints and tips from friends isn’t a great place to start, im just saying that there is so much more to your paddling experience that both skill and safety training from experienced coaches can open up for you and that’s what differentiates our club from others.

As well as general hints and tips from extremely experienced instructors during our club socials, we have 6 fundamental skills clinics that we deliver multiple times throughout each season, which are inclusive of a very low membership charge. These stand alone classes can be attended as many times as you like all season at no extra cost.

1. Beginner & Intro Skills

2. Understanding wind & weather charts + forecasting

3. Paddling in the Wind

4. Paddling with your core

5. Learning to turn & board control

6. Journey planning and adventure SUP


Understanding the true risks whilst paddling is paramount to your personal safety. You can’t fully understand the risks if you have never been taught or are getting your information from unreliable of inexperienced sources. Our training is the best of the best and we offer wonderful social and learning experiences for all upcoming paddle boarders as a fractional membership fee.

Whatever your ambition is on the water, this progressional training will transform the sport for you, enabling to you to paddle further, faster and for longer. This opens up a whole new opportunity to paddle more and explore the environment that you call home!