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WeSUP, the UK’s first dedicated Stand Up Paddleboarding Centre has taken SUP Boarding from a ‘pick up your board and go’ paddle, into a truly beautiful and compelling lifestyle experience.

Over the past 8 years, during the sport’s explosive growth, WeSUP has led the way in setting the standards for training, delivery of a very special customer experience and creating added value by creating a cool, contemporary vibe and wider event around the core activity. Our methods, which consist of highly developed technical principles, health & safety and consistent operating procedures, are augmented with wider and deeper quality assurance documents and customer experience scenarios and scripts.

We have quite literally created the blueprint for a stunning, successful and highly professional SUP centre. We are here to work with you in any capacity to make your ambition a reality and so we’d love to hear from you today to see what we can do for you.


WeSUP HQ is an ‘out of the box’ specialist Stand Up Paddleboard centre. If you opt into our stunning container build, you should know that it is fully customisable and modular meaning that it can grow as your business grows. It will arrive anywhere in the world you choose, complete with SUP equipment, operating & safety manuals and all required hardware – Your staff will be trained by our specialist training assessors and your new watersport facility will be complete and fully operational within a couple of weeks of delivery.

Of course if you have a building already, we can work with you to ensure it will work just the way you need it to for the business that you imagine.


• Interactive lightboxes for maximum customer engagement
• Fully retractable glazing for maximum environmental connection
• Innovative touch-screen activity check-in system
• Functional, stylish and robust furniture installations


• 20’ x 8’ x 8’6 easily transportable standard shipping container
• Arrives complete and ready for electrical hook-up
• High-spec paint nish for all weather, all-environment protection
• Fully customisable exterior cladding and paint colour where required


The franchise process is an exciting, hassle-free investor journey which aims to de-risk your opportunity with us. The process is highly professional, time efficient and cost effective. We will complete a comprehensive plan moving through:

  • Pre-consultation
  • Beach House plan and design
  • Embedding the “WeSUP Way”
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Operating manuals, documentation, ICT systems, Brand Bible
  • On-going support
  • Sales and marketing


Following our pre-consultation and feasibility report, we will agree with you which of the SUP activities are best suited for your resort. The reason that these activities are modular is because each resort may not be suitable for all the activities we offer. This is often down to the geographical make up of the resorts location but also the activity engagement behaviour of your clients. Our system ensures that your staff need only be trained for what you can offer saving you time and costs. Each module includes a licence to operate under our brand, the relevant activity plan and safe operating procedure. WeSUP instructors can be easily upskilled to deliver these industry leading SUP activities.

Activities include:

  • WeSUP Activities – World class SUP lessons & equipment rental.
  • WeSUP Fit – SUP Yoga, SUP meditation & SUP intervals.
  • WeSUP Adventure – Guided SUP tours & expeditions.
  • WeSUP Sanctuary –Luxury SUP retreats.
  • Club WeSUP – Exclusive members’ club.



WeSUP grew out of what we could facilitate at our home beach of Gyllngvase Beach in Falmouth, Cornwall. Generally a still, windless bay, it periodically transforms depending on the wind, swell and weather. This has led us to develop dynamic operating procedures, but most importantly, taught us that we can SUP in any conditions, however the water looks or acts. So whether you are on a lake or a loch, beach side resort, or isolated cove, we can design the perfect WeSUP Franchise for you.



At WeSUP we work hard to capitalise on society-wide trends sweeping across the whole world. People are transcending from materialistic lifestyles to experience-based lifestyles. They value bespoke activities that can be shared with friends, family and via social media. It’s increasingly popular to take socialising out of the traditional bars and coffee shops, and embrace the notion that fitness and wellbeing is best enjoyed in beautiful locations with the people you love.

We believe a WeSUP franchise is the ultimate medium to convert these global trends into valuable  customer experiences and tangible profits. No two WeSUP Franchises are the same, each is designed specifically to your location and predicted client base to create the perfect business for customers, staff and investors.

WeSUP Franchise
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