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“The way the world learns to paddle”

Our Heritage

We are not new. In fact, we are old – almost the oldest in the UK! We have been professionally training SUP instructors for 8 years and through the experience of teaching over 20’000 paddlers, we have developed totally unique teaching methods, learning aids and course delivery tools that will place you amongst the greatest SUP instructors on the planet.

Training Innovations

There are many innovative elements to WeSUP’s Senior Instructor Award (WSIA) that no others can boast such as our bespoke digital check in safety system and pioneering, site-specific teaching methods, but one that truly differentiates us from others in the UK is our tried and tested SUP Hire module. As a bonus to your Taster, Beginner and Advanced SUP lesson delivery, we will teach you how to setup, manage and control a safe SUP Hire operating zone from any location in the world enhancing your value to any future employer.

Another great element to WSIA is our much coveted WeSUP Student Handbook (SHB). Inside it you will find an smart collection of course delivery aids that will support your lesson & hire sessions wherever you go on to teach in the real world. It contains a colourful collection of diagrams and scripts to support your core training so that you can maintain the ‘WeSUP Way’ and always conduct your SUP sessions correctly, as taught.

wesup academy sup instructor trainingStand Out In The Crowd

Your training with us will set you apart from the rest as you learn not only our effective methods of course delivery and safety management systems, but also the very special ‘WeSUP Way’. Unlike other courses, our training concentrates on the instructors attitude and vibrant personality because the ‘WeSUP Way’ is all about an exceptional client experience which will make you highly valuable to our franchisee’s and to quality activity centres that offer SUP all around the world.

A qualified WeSUP instructor instils total faith in their clients with their warm, positive and motivated tempo. They naturally reassure your clients safety and ability concerns with focused attention to detail and expert knowledge throughout each phase of the SUP activity.

The SUP Staff Bank

All around the world, Stand Up Paddleboarding is taking off. There is a global shortfall in quality SUP instructors and the SUP Staff Bank is here to fill that void. As a WeSUP Senior Instructor, we will automatically qualify your reference for any of our future global partners and franchisee’s seeking high quality SUP instructors – Another great reason to choose WeSUP Academy

A truly meaningful and lawful qualification

Your qualification with WeSUP Academy has been developed over many years. It is based on a tried and tested method of teaching that has stood up to rigorous scrutiny in a very dynamic ocean-based environment.  We have taken great care to seek advice from senior health & safety consultants to ensure our qualification with is both meaningful and lawful.

WSIA is an international qualification designed to service the requirements of our global SUP franchise – WeSUP HQ. With no National Governing Body (NGB) for SUP in the UK, WeSUP has remained passionately connected to the growth of our sport and evolved its safety management systems to suit the ever-changing customer experience and lawful regulations. We work under the licence of the Falmouth Harbour Commissioners – a respected, prestigious and busy world shipping and maritime safety authority. We had a lot to prove to them in the early years and we now enjoy a  valuable 8 year old relationship based on a 100% safety record and a tried and tested risk management policy.

The ticket to your dream job

The WeSUP Senior Instructor Award is a fantastic opportunity only for the most dedicated paddlers and legendary humans. To get the show rolling, you will need to complete Module One – Our pre Course application. It will allow us to learn a little more about you and any relative experience that you might have before you land fresh at the WeSUP Academy. We just need to know that you will be ready and fully prepared when your course date starts.

Please go ahead and download Module One today.

Remember, we are setting new international standards for the way the world learns to Stand Up Paddleboard and we cant wait for you to join our family.

wesup sup instructor trainingSpecialist training for your activity centre

We specialise in ‘Site Specific’ instructor training meaning that we come to you! Following an initial site consultation, we work with you to install robust safe operating procedures and systems and then train your staff to work within the normal operating procedures that we set. This innovative training system enables your instructors and managers to easily understand the safe operating parameters of your business. Better organising your safety systems will lead to far greater efficiency. The process will massively de-risks your enterprise and instil a level of professionalism and duty of care that will be reflected in the happiness of your customers and in turn the profitability of your business.

The Costs & Course Dates

The WeSUP  Senior Instructor Award is available as two options:

Individuals looking needing a high-quality SUP instructors certificate
Cost per person: £300 |  10% discount if booked in pairs
**Monthly payment plan optional – Spread the cost over 3 months
Course fee only payable upon successful application.
Course time – 3 full days
Location: WeSUP, Gylly Beach, Cliff Rd, Falmouth Cornwall TR114PA
Course Dates and Booking:

February 16th – 18th 2018
February 23th – 25th 2018

If you are interested in taking one of courses, please click here to download Module One – Your pre-course application & assessment pack. Alternatively, give us a call or drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you!

Email – [email protected]  |  Call +44 (0) 01326 311830

pay monthly sup instructor qualification

Established Activity Centres and Start-Up Enterprises seeking mass qualifications and consultancy.

If you have 7 or more instructors that need training today, WeSUP Academy will come to you. We are happy to train up to 24 of your staff which will bring the price per instructor down dramatically.

Cost per Centre: Contact us for a bespoke price
Max participation: 24
Location: World Wide
Includes: One day free consultation and full SUP centre manager systems pack.
Course Dates: When do you need us?

If you would like to speak with one of our senior consultants to begin the journey with WeSUP Academy, please contact us on the details below and ask for Sean or Steve.

Email – [email protected]  |  Call +44 (0) 01326 311830

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