Meet The 2020 Team at wesup. Gylly Beach!

We think one of the things that makes paddleboarding at wesup. so special is our amazing community of like-minded humans, with a friendly face here to welcome you every time you hit the water! Whether you’re just passing through, have recently moved to the area, or you’re looking to explore a new side of what Falmouth has to offer, we’d love to meet you.

Our club wesup. members are a like one big extended family, but with too many wonderful people to introduce here, you’ll just have to come and meet them all in person! In the meantime, here’s a quick pic from each of the instructors based at our seafront shop on Gylly Beach:



Favourite paddle moment? 

There are so many! I couldn’t pick a bad one I dont think! Any experience on the water for me is a journey, I treat it like a lesson in life; whether the wind changes and it becomes a headwind in every direction, or I snap a paddle surfing, just being on the water is always a good experience. Most of my best paddles where I’m grinning ear to ear without a care in the world happen on a wave. Surfing just brings you back into the moment like nothing else. Your whole body is just focussed on that single moment, and looking up seeing your friends share the stoke is what it’s all about. Snapping fewer paddles would be a bonus I guess!

Dream Paddle destination? 

Oh there are heaps of dream spots I would love to paddle! I feel that is part of the joy of paddling, knowing that there are an endless amount of spots to explore! Gylly beach will always be one of my favourite places to paddle, mainly for the nostalgia and happy memories, but also because the ocean changes its mood every day, so each paddle out is a little different. As for the top dream destination, it would have to be going back to paddle Norway again. Despite the cold weather, nothing can compete with the jaw-dropping scenery in Scandinavia. Norway is blessed with mountainous fjords, quaint hillside villages, and truly wild wildlife! Our 5 day wesup adventure to the southern fjords 2 years ago opened me up to how peaceful and quiet it can get on the water – an entirely different world you can escape to, where its just you and your board. I feel at home surrounded by nature, being on a paddleboard just exaggerates that closeness. Norway, I will be back!

Go-to coffee order?

Oat flat-white please!

Favourite club activity?

Oosh, that’s a toughy! Josh has gone above and beyond with this year’s ’SUPlympics’ events, surprising us all with what is possible on a board! But for me, nothing beats our SUP racing series! The inner competitiveness comes out in me and I just want to push myself to the limits and feel the burn! Travelling to UK SUP Race Events really opens my eyes to how big this sport is getting, and how much talent local SUP centres are developing.


paddleboarding in falmouth

Favourite Paddle Moment?

Last summer we were paddling around to the harbour to get burritos and it was a pretty cloudy night so it was nice but we didn’t expect anything special. Then, as we left the harbour, a gap in the clouds formed. At first the sky went bright yellow, but then it transformed into the most gorgeous red sky I’ve ever seen. I was lucky to be on the tandem and have my camera in hand too. The pictures I took that night are totally unedited and it will probably forever be the best sunset I’ve ever seen. 

Dream Paddle Destination?

I want to say SUP surfing in Costa Rica or fjord paddling in Norway, but if you know me, you’ll know I LOVE fish (and any sea creature tbh). So it’d have to just be anywhere I could paddle with manta rays, humpback whales and whale sharks on the reg. Maybe the Seychelles, Maldives or Indonesia? Doesn’t really matter as long as there are dolphins. 

Go-To Coffee Order?

I get the Iced Oat Mocha. It’s eco, fresh and as close to a hot chocolate as you can get without sounding like a child. (I’d get hot choc every day if I had no ego)

Favourite Club Activity?

The SUP Olympics duh. We’ve been doing different olympic sports recreated on SUPs all summer and it’s been banging. My favourite activities so far have been snowboarding, curling and buoysketball. It’s pure chaos but we find out our secret talents all the time.

Em (& Ted)

Favourite Paddle Moment?

A few weeks ago we drove our boards around to the Helford one evening to see the luminescence that only appears occasionally. After a picnic dinner on the beach, we walked to a quiet spot and swam and paddled in the dark, watching the glow of the algae that lights up as you touch it.

Dream Paddle destination?

Gylly Beach of course!! Okay, I’ll try and think of another answer that’s more exotic and adventurous, but for now I still feel like I’m on holiday being able to walk to the beach and hang out with all my favourite humans every day.

Go-to coffee order?

Single-shot latte, let’s not go crazy…

Favourite club activity?

Ooh it has to be either SUP yoga on a beautiful calm sea, or a glassy sunrise paddle where you get the most incredible light and the dreamiest paddling conditions of the day.

Ted’s favourite club activity is anything that involves us all staying on the beach together. Ideally involving dropped BBQ food.


Favourite paddle moment:

When Team Stubby won two events. I was a very proud captain, it was a great achievement of my life so far…

Dream Paddle Destination:

Hvar Croatia, the water is so blue – oh my days!

Go to coffee order?

Well, it’s got to be made by me of course, it is a Oat Cappuccino with extra love and care!

Favourite club activity:

SUP Olympics, but to be honest, anything that is being highly energetic or slightly (very) silly.


Fave paddle moment:

Crashing into Harvey on the wave, falling off and getting huge bruises everywhere and him managing to stay standing up! 

Dream paddle destination:

Ko Tapu – Thailand 

Go-to coffee order:

Whatever I won’t forget about and let it get cold haha! So probably an iced latte.

Fave club activity:

SUP Surfing in those gnarly gylly waves bro!

Each of our team has come to paddling through different experiences and are ready to share their love for the sport with you all. Whether it’s your first beginner lesson, tour of the bay, or an early morning SUP yoga session, they’re always planning more ways to get people out on the water.

To keep up with the daily antics of team wesup. follow our Instagram stories or have a browse of the Club wesup. Facebook page to get an idea of the events and activities that we hold each week. If you’d like to join the club, pop in and say hello, or sign up online!

Best Wishes and Beach Love,

Team wesup. xx

Staff Training 2020 with wesup. founder Sean and some instructors from the other wesup. centres