SUP Yoga Group Session

From: £15.00

SUP yoga. It’s invigorating, relaxing, hilarious, and a bloody great for your body!


Whilst focusing your mind and body during the class, you completely forget that you’re giving yourself the ultimate work out! Each session brings loads of laughs and loads of wobbles and a few soggy souls, but by the end of each session everyone feels stabilised, energised, and much stronger throughout their whole body.


Above all, once you’ve given WeSUP’s SUP yoga class a go, you’ll realise its totally achievable, even for someone whose never practised yoga before. It even massively strengthens your paddling ability by improving over all stability, core strength and manoeuvrability on the board! The more you practice with us, the more confident you’ll feel, and before you know it you’ll be standing in a warrior 2 pose, with the water beneath your feet and the sound of the lapping shore and seabirds flying above your head!


We are super proud to now offer SUP yoga as an exciting new group activity. Think about this for just one example… Your office has had an exceptionally hectic week at work, stress levels are through the roof but you know your teams productivity needs to remain at top levels. A stress break like WeSUP Yoga will revolutionise your week and teams ability to cope under the pressure of a heavy work load.

For those of you just looking for something alternative to do with the Hens, for a birthday treat or as part of your retreat in Cornwall choose WeSUP Yoga to bring a little zen and possible a few giggles into your life!

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