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Shipwreck Safari

From: £50.00

Average paddling skill and personal fitness required. Activity considered to be moderately physical and suitable for people with fair ability and basic fitness whilst paddling in open water. Skills Required

Group discounts available
Time on tour: 3 hours
Distance covered: 10km
Difficulty rating: GREEN  |  AMBER
Runs at 9am on Fridays.

The Ben Asdale is an incredibly famous ship wreck that occurred in 1978. The wreck is found at the base of the cliffs at Maenporth which is a stunning, 5km coastal paddle West of Gylly Beach. On route to the wreck you will glide over the stunning natural reef that sounds the bay.


You’ll get to paddle in the caves at Stack Point and meander through the beautiful coastal rock formations whilst taking in the diving birds and sea life that is never far from view. We’ll visit the wreck and you’ll learn of its full story which is still to this day a tale from one of the most dangerous maritime rescue operations of modern times. Feel free to dive in with your snorkel kit to explore the wreck from under the water! (Your wetsuit, snorkel kit, board & paddle is included in the price.) It’s the perfect place to stop and enjoy a picnic, a snack or simply an ice cream from the much loved Maenporth Café.


The ability to stand up paddleboard is essential prior to this tour so check out if your current experience will be enough with our ability index, if you feel you need some tuition before your tour, we offer pre-tour lessons at discounted rates.



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