Advanced SUP Lesson

From: £60.00

Individual booking cost: £60 (includes certificate)
Group booking cost: 15% discount when booking 2 or more
Time on lesson: 1.5 hours


This is an advanced certificated course that covers a number of exciting and informative modules that will leave you feeling like the skillful, knowledgeable and safe paddler you deserve to be. You will learn critical SUP skill and safety that will enable you to paddle in a huge number of environmental conditions. Modules include – paddling with core, turning skill, paddling in wind, supported tows, self-rescues and wind & weather forecasting.


Without expert tuition, you may find yourself burning those arms out and leaving yourself vulnerable to unnecessary fatigue and consequent injury. Most importantly you may leave yourself at the mercy of the elements as you lack the technical ability to power through the wind and more challenging elements that often descend on you without warning.


We really care about your personal safety. The Safe Paddler Award is designed to teach you about the things you perhaps have never considered like being prepared with the right kit and be armed with the advanced skills you’ll need to help you cope if it all goes wrong.

Once certified with our Safe Paddler Award, you’ll become a perfect candidate for one of our micro adventures or pop up expeditions. Click here to find out more on our Tours and Adventures.

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