Pre Tour Lesson

From: £10.00

Pre-tour lessons can be booked alongside youe Sup Tour or Adventure

We have devised a series of special ‘Pre-Tour’ lessons for those of you wishing to undertake a guided SUP tour but have never paddled before or possibly lack the technical skill to complete the adventure you want to do. Your Pre-Tour lesson can be taken on the same day as your tour or in the days leading up to it. It must be booked at the same time as your tour to qualify for the discount. You should select the Green, Amber or Red lesson option according to the difficulty rating of the tour you wish to undertake.


Even if you have never stood on a stand up paddleboard before, we promise that with just a very small amount of training, you will gain the skills required to undertake any of our amazing SUP adventures. Getting the right training for the SUP adventure or activity that you wish to do is essential if you have no previous SUP experience. Thankfully it doesn’t have to be expensive as we have heavily discounted the lessons so that you can undertake our amazing experiences safely and with skillful paddling ability.

If you are unsure which training you should undertake, a full list of activities along with the difficulty rating is listed here.

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