Paddling with your Core Clinic

Almost everyone who knows about paddle boarding has heard that it is a great exercise for your core. This is true, but almost all new paddlers have no idea how to engage their core whilst paddling! Learning how to engage your core whilst paddling is a total game changer. Not only does it help you to get fitter, but it reduces the effort required whilst paddling and drastically improves your endurance. This means paddling for longer becomes much easier. Win, Win!

The paddling with core clinic is a 2 hour practical clinic and requires attendees to have either joined the previous zero to hero series, or to be confident paddling on their feet without fear of falling in. It is not suitable for total beginners.

Enjoy a complimentary hot drink from our coffee box at the end of the clinic!

Location: This session is run from wesup Falmouth | Gylly Beach

Please see full description below the calendar for full course content and information on what to wear.

Bulk discounts

Each additional clinic booked in the series is discounted at 25%, with wesup donating a further 25% of the cost to Above Water.

1 Clinic  –  £45.00
2 Clinics – £78.25   (+£11.25 charity donation)
3 Clinics – £112.50 (+£22.50 charity donation)
4 Clinics – £146.25 (+£33.75 charity donation)
5 Clinics – £180.00 (+£45 charity donation)

We require each individual person to book separately. If you are a current member of Club wesup, please select your membership from the drop down. For non members, please select whether you need to borrow a board. Links to the other clinics in the series will come up when you press “Book Now”.

Key Information

  • Those aged between 16 and 18 need to be accompanied by a legal guardian who remains in full eye and earshot of them for the duration of their session.
  • Under 16s must be accompanied on the water for the duration of their session by their legal guardian.
  • Please note our equipment is not suitable for individuals under 4 foot 6.
  • Wet suits can be hired for free and are advised if you are concerned about falling in or being cold
  • We do not hire wet-suit boots or socks for hygiene reasons
  • Please see our terms & conditions for cancellation and refund policy
  • Guaranteed success or we’ll give you a voucher to return & try again

Wetsuit Hire

We have a range of wetsuits for you to use during the duration of the lesson.

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Paddling with your Core Clinic

Almost everyone who knows about paddle boarding has heard that it is a great exercise for your core. This is true, but almost all new paddlers have no idea how to engage their core whilst paddling! Instead, most are relying on arm power alone. Paddling as a beginner with no training dramatically limits your opportunity to go further or faster for long longer. The paddling with core clinic guarantees to radically improve your paddle fitness and core power, unlocking an ability to at least double your current mileage after just one session. 

This clinic will teach you how to paddle with real purpose and power. You will learn how to take full advantage of your body’s natural mechanics to paddle with far less effort per stroke. You will also get an understanding of the in-depth theory on how your paddle works. This will help you to fully connect your brain to the activity so that you can begin the journey of becoming an accomplished and superior paddler. The course will revolutionise your skillset, helping you to begin your journey as a truly accomplished paddle boarder. 

This course is not suitable for total beginners. At a minimum, you will be able to stand and paddle without a constant concern of falling. We recommend you have taken part in our Beginner & Improver Clinic or feel that you are of a fairly confident paddling ability. 

What to wear is the big question… 

If it is your first time paddling, we recommend a wetsuit to help your confidence and settle any worries about falling in or getting cold. During this course, you will be moving around your board a lot. Please be mindful that this means that there is an increased chance of falling in! We rent lovely quality, super stretchy black wetsuits free of charge. 

If you do not like wetsuits, please wear warm layers that you don’t mind getting wet such as gym gear. We highly recommend that new paddlers wear one of our comfy, warm buoyancy aids which are included free of charge. Waterproof socks, barefoot trainers or good quality wetsuit boots are perfect for keeping your feet warm.

For any other questions, please take a look at our FAQ or drop us an email, we’d love to hear from you.

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