Custom Gift Voucher


Buying your friend or loved one a WeSUP experience voucher over more meaningless stuff that they probably don’t need, is the right thing to do! Its right for the environment, its right for your soul and it’s perfect for your wallet! This is a meaningful, thoughtful gift that shows you really care!

We guarantee this experience will make the lucky recipient VERY happy and make memories that will last much longer than another pair of woolly bed-socks!!

Simply choose the value of your Gift Voucher. To give you some price guide, popular gifts include Private Lessons at £70, SUP Tours from £45 and Taster Lessons at £25.

Just fill in the details below and you will receive a digital voucher that you can print off or just keep on your phone. If you want the voucher to go directly to the recipient via email just add their email address if you don’t just leave this area blank.

These vouchers can only be redeemed in-store at WeSUP Gylly Beach. If you want to book online in advance using this voucher you will need to give us a call quoting your voucher number.

Please note: Gift vouchers can be redeemed in-store at WeSUP Gylly Beach or call to book or pay for any of our services. Vouchers are totally non-refundable

Voucher Image