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WeSUP Gift Vouchers

Thanks for checking out WeSUP gift vouchers! Whether it’s for a simple hire, or a season memberships, with SUP being the fastest growing water activity of all time, this gift is sure to be a huge hit! Please scroll down the page for more info.

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Activity Vouchers

We have a range of activity vouchers, from hires to private lessons, a great gift for someone wanting to enter the world of Stand Up Paddleboarding!

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Tour and Adventure Vouchers

If you’re looking for a unique gift for the adventurous people in your life, our Tour and Adventure vouchers are the perfect option. Our tours start as small as a gentle paddle around our beautiful home bay, to a life changing exploration of the Norwegian fjords.

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Club WeSUP Vouchers

If you’re looking for a gift to truly inspire and alter your loved one’s life, then look no further than Club WeSUP Vouchers. We’ll take even the most unfit, shy individual on a journey of self development and welcome them into our special family of lifestyle enthusiasts!

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Custom Vouchers

Is your loved one a bit of a fussy customer? Worried they may not love what you pick? (Although we find that hard to believe!) Then our Custom Gift Vouchers are the perfect, risk-free gift option! Add absolutely any value to the voucher and the recipient can use it all at once, or in several transactions, to enjoy their WeSUP activity of choice.

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Once you have purchased your voucher, a custom coded version will be sent to you right away, you can then print or email this to your chosen recipient directly. If you’d prefer, we can pop a beautiful physical copy in the post, you’ll just need to select the option when you choose your voucher and we’ll send it out within 24 hours – Unless you need it quicker in which case you best call us so we can be sure to meet your deadline.

Vouchers have no expiry date and can be redeemed in-store using the unique reference number which will be found on the voucher itself. We are open 7 days a week and all year round – Yes, even in the winter!

If you are looking for inspiration on what voucher to purchase, please check out our activities, tours or offers at Club WeSUP for all the inspiration that you’ll need. Alternatively, We have prepared a hand top 5 recommended vouchers for you to choose from which you can read about here at the bottom of this blog post. Otherwise, happy shopping and you know where we are if you have any Q’s!

Email: [email protected]   Tel: 01326 311830

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