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The all new WeSUP Consultancy.

WeSUP is an innovator in the rapidly emerging sector of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Leaning on 8 years of focused experience in which we have introduced over 20’000 people to the sport. We offer specialist commercial training and technical consultancy for established activity centres and start-up enterprises. All that we now need to know is how can we help you?


• Efficient and cost effective staff training.
• Advanced safety systems and innovations.
• Website & booking system development.
• Site specific activity operating procedures.
• Sustainable business modelling.
• Marketing and customer profiling.
• Branding.
• SUP equipment sales & leasing.

wesup academyHow Can We Help You?

Our ambition is to streamline and simplify your engagement with the unique business
of Stand Up Paddleboarding. In this quickly evolving market, you will want to get it right, first time and with as few upfront costs as possible. Our approach to setting up or up-scaling your operation ensures just that and we have all the tools, systems and experience that you need for sustainable success.

Our day-day operational systems and methods of staff training are tried and tested, our safety record is 100% and our huge global customer base can vouch for our relentless attention to professionalism, industry leading instruction, developing use of technology and exciting SUP activity formats. WeSUP Gylly Beach has been the innovative 8 year long pilot project for this consultancy. We know almost all that there is to know about running a SUP centre and we can’t wait to share it with you!

CONTACT US TODAY WITH YOUR ENQUIRY – We promise to get right back to you and of course, there is no fee for your enquiry or initial pre-service consultation.

Email – [email protected]  |  Call  +44 (0) 1326 311830

how to rent sups


Our consultancy service has been designed to minimise the upfront costs of starting or developing your SUP services. Due the bespoke nature of what we offer our pricing offered is on a case by case basis and will be determined following an initial pre-service consultation.

Note: We offer 1 day free business evolution consultation to businesses that adopt WeSUP’s Senior Instructor Award (WSIA). Please head to WeSUP Academy to find out if WSIA is the instructor ticket for you.

Pick up the phone or drop us an email to see how we can help you today. We love helping people and we love new SUP business!

Email – [email protected]  |  Call +44 (0) 1326 311830


WeSUP have a number of core licensable products that include free consultation if you decide to follow through with a purchase. These products have no upfront costs and instead you just pay a monthly licence for each module.

• Activity centre website booking system development – from £50 per month
(including hosting & support).
• Digital customer check in system & data capture tool – from £10 per month.
• Site specific SUP Activity Operating Procedures & Safety Policy’s – From £50 per month.

Consultancy +

An exciting extension to our consultancy service is WeSUP HQ – We have created the world’s first high-end modular SUP franchise and have developed an operational blueprint for the perfect SUP business. Whether you choose to operate under your own established brand or our famous WeSUP brand, we have an end-end solution for an innovative SUP business, tailored to your operating environment.
WeSUP HQ is quite literally an ‘out of the box’ specialist Stand Up Paddleboard centre.
We can offer you a fully customisable pre-fabricated container build, complete with SUP equipment, operating & safety manuals, hardware, IT (including website and booking systems) and full staff training – Delivered complete anywhere in the world, up and fully operational within 16 days of delivery. If you would like to receive our full franchise presentation, please request it using the contact form below or pick up the phone and give us a call on 01326 311830.

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