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Our brand new 2017 memberships have arrived!

Our all-inclusive SUP club exists to teach, inspire, excite, and guide you through your season as a stand up paddleboarder! Whether that be for fitness, fun, making great friends, exploring, adventuring, relaxing or improving mindfulness, we’ve got it all covered! This is your greatest opportunity to experience our beautiful local waters and stunning coastline in a way most dream of. No more dreaming… Sign up today!

So what’s new?

The 2017 season starts on the 1st of March – 30th of September and we have 4 different memberships for you to choose from ranging from the Basic Season Pass, Silver membership, Silver Plus, and Gold membership. We also have a new Off-Peak and Anytime Pass option for more flexibility and value for members.

What’s included?

Not only will you have use of our brand new 2017 Fanatic SUP equipment for the season, you’ll recieve a range of exceptional SUP training, and access to our exclusive club activities. We provide these extra perks to inspire and connect with just about everyone of all ages, abilities and walks of life. So whether you want to invigorate your senses with SUP Yoga and fitness, socialise at our club paddles, go on a SUP adventure, learn SUP skill, or compete in our outrageous SUP races you’ll need a Silver membership or higher to participate.

Membership Benefits…

  • 20% off SUP activities for friends and family
  • 10% off at Gylly Café and Sessions Surf Shop
  • 10% off clothing and SUP equipment at WeSUP Shop
  • Corporate Membership rate at St Michaels Health Club
  • World class training in SUP safety and skill
  • Free access to exclusive club activities
  • Regular SUP fitness & SUP yoga classes

Club opening and paddling times:


March 1st – May 26th
10am – 6pm


May 27th – Sept 30th
9am – 7pm

Off-Peak members:

can paddle during the off-peak hours:
Spring: 10am-12am | 3pm-6pm
Summer: 9am-11am | 4pm-7pm

Anytime Pass members:

can paddle anytime during WeSUP’s shop opening times

Gold members:

can paddle anytime all year round (subject to completion of gold membership training)

Club Activities:

run regularly at 7am and 6pm.

Learn more about our memberships

Membership Cost: Off-Peak – £100 | Anytime Pass – £130

The Basic Season Pass includes your board and paddle rental for the entire season. If you see your-self as a fair-weather paddler and like the idea of just paddling around Gylly Bay at a pace that suits you, this membership is the cheap and cheerful option that allows you do just that. With this membership, you can paddle all season either during our off-peak hours, or anytime you like. You’ll be able to book a board online or take your chance and just turn up to grab your kit and paddle between Castle Beach and Swanpool Beach as many times as you like! At any point of your membership you can upgrade to a Silver Member for just £30 extra.

Please note: This membership does not include any training or club activities so wearing a buoyancy aid and your leash is mandatory.

Membership Cost: Off-Peak – £155 | Anytime Pass – £185

The Silver membership is our most popular membership. As well as unlimited board rental for the entire season, this membership also includes a beginner SUP lesson so you can safely enjoy the full expanse of sea between Castle Beach and Swanpool without a buoyancy aid so you can paddle with greater comfort over distance. You will also gain access to our exclusive Club WeSUP activities at no extra cost. Activities include SUP yoga & fitness, cliff jumping expeditions, overnight wilderness SUP adventures, night paddling and much, much more. Note: You MUST always wear your leash.

If you fancy some more training and to expand your operating area further you also have the chance to upgrade and go Silver Plus for an extra £30!

Membership Cost: Anytime Pass – £215

The Silver Membership Plus is the membership for the keen or seasoned paddler looking to learn and explore even further. This membership advances on the beginner SUP lesson where you will qualify with WeSUP’s Safe Paddler Award (WSPA). WSPA modules include paddling with core, turning skill, paddling in wind, supported tows, self-rescues, and wind & weather forecasting. With this qualification you’ll be able to explore the stretch of coastline beyond the standard membership boundaries allowing you to journey all the way to Maenporth! You will also be free to enjoy the full benefits of all club activities we offer with preferential booking of equipment.

If you decide you want to unleash your full potential then the gold upgrade is the one for you, this upgrade is an extra £170.

Please note: When paddling out of sight you must take a mobile phone in a waterproof case.

Membership cost: £385

Your Gold Membership offers you unlimited stand up paddleboarding anytime, every day, all year long. You get an incredible amount of training (worth £220) as well as full access to the key safe so that you can grab a board and paddle even outside of our opening hours. This way you can enjoy unlimited flexibility around your busy work schedule, the kids, or the seasonal rush at WeSUP. With our guidance, you’ll experience and learn how to cope in every conceivable set of weather conditions and sea states. You’ll become an exceptional paddler and embodied with the trust from us that you can go anywhere and cope with whatever is thrown at you. You will also be free to enjoy the full benefits of all club activities we offer with preferential booking of equipment.

Please note: Gold training must be completed before using equipment out of hours.

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