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BRING your own board

Let wesup support you on your paddle boarding journey, with the education you didn’t know you needed!

Paddle boarding has seen a huge spike in popularity since lockdown. We now see an amazing range of personal paddle boards on the beach as people have flocked to purchase a budget starter or a full blown pro edition! Now you all own your own boards, wesup have created the only lesson that you will ever need to support you with your new paddling passion. 

Do you ask these questions?

How do I easily inflate my paddle board?

Is it OK to start on my bum or my knees?

How do I know when the water will be flat?

Is it safer to paddle in on shore or off shore wind?

Where is safe to paddle a beginner?

Is my board suitable for my ability?

How do I paddle with purpose and skill?

How do I paddle safely with my family, especially when the wind blows?

How can I safely navigate tides, strong currents, choppy conditions or waves?

We have the Answers!

These are all points of concern that could limit your enjoyment of the sport. These are all simple challenges that wesup can help you to resolve in a cost and time effective way with our new ‘Become A Paddle Boarder’ clinic.

Free social groups and paddling with friends is a perfect place to spark your passion, but those who haven’t had lessons or training themselves simply can’t teach you what they don’t know.

We’re here to help!


During this 2 Hour session, you will learn how to become a safe, efficient and skilful paddle boarder and be able to ask all of your pressing questions.

We’ll cover all foundational SUP principles, such as wind and weather management, understanding and setting up equipment, personal safety, engaging your core and safe journey planning.

Don't have an electric pump?

Take the effort out of getting on the water using one of our electric pump stations. Our premium electric pumps can go up to 20psi.

Up to 15 PSI | £3 per board

Up to 20 PSI | £5 per board

Available at Wesup Abbey Sands, Wesup Gylly Beach and Wesup Hamble River.

A note from the boss

bring your own board

“Whatever level of equipment you’ve bought, the challenges of getting going as a paddle boarder are the same. Paddle pals, free social sup groups and YouTube all have very valid parts to play in your early paddling days. But the 12 years of experience that our super friendly and energised team can offer will make all the difference to the basic skill set that you’d love to turn into confident paddling ability.”


Sean White, Founder of wesup