WeSUP’s Plastic Free Policy

WeSUP is committed to reducing plastic usage and waste.

If you’ve ever been down to WeSUP HQ you may have noticed that we’re slightly, obsessively in love with our home here at Gylly Beach. But, just like everyone else who’s involved in coastal communities, we can’t ignore the dirty that’s secret slipping and sneaking into every beach experience: plastic pollution!

Our Falmouth coastline is a vibrant, living and breathing ecosystem, and we host fish, crabs, starfish, jellyfish, coastal birds, seals, dolphins, porpoises and basking sharks, amongst a whole wealth of other life. But sadly we’re now also hosting plastic bottles, crisp packets, fishing wires and infinite other unidentifiable bits of plastic. As well as making our beach look a whole lot less scenic, this plastic is totally non-biodegradable and is sticking around a whole lot longer than we will be! That means it’s sinking to the sea floor and either animal get tangled in it, or it becomes very unhealthy snacks, which of course leads to their eventual death… NOT GOOD!

In response, we’ve worked with Plastic Free Falmouth to develop a plastic free policy, which we plan to regularly update and add to, as we put the points into action and learn more about the impact we have as a business.

Current policy and commitments:

  • Elimination of all plastic bottles and takeaway cups from WeSUP HQ
  • Wooden hangers to be used for retail stock instead of plastic.
  • Invest in larger canteens to transport water on longer trips, to eliminate the need for large plastic bottles of water.
  • Invest in club Tupperware to be used on trips, in case that club members do not have their own.
  • Have a digital check-in system to remove the need for many plastic pens.
  • Replace plastic pens with pencils and refillable pens where needed.
  • Work with suppliers to eliminate plastic from the supply chain. Make order notes to receive products without packaging. Commit to sending all plastic packaging back to suppliers.
  • Provide recycling facilities at WeSUP HQ for when necessary, this will be emptied at recycling point at Gyllyngvase Beach Car Park.
  • Run a monthly competition to encourage visitors to collect plastic when out on the water.
  • Spread awareness and educate tourists about the need and importance of the plastic-free movement.
  • Organise regular beach/ocean/river cleans as part of Club WeSUP activity roster

Business Responsibilities.

  • Enforce plastic-free principles by ensuring all staff understand the policy, and are confident to explain these to all club members and customers.
  • Make plastic-free policy into a visible, engaging poster that all visitors to WeSUP HQ are able to read and ask questions about.
  • Use social media presence to help spread positive, educational messages to update and inspire all followers.

Staff and Customer/Clubbie Responsibilities

  • No single-use plastic bottles or take away coffee cups to be brought into the premises. Reusable water bottles and cups may be used. Gylly Café is an official ReFill Cornwall location where bottles to be filled up.
  • When events such as BBQs require clubbies and staff to bring food and drink, where possible this should be decanted into Tupperware/reusable bottles, and plastic waste recycled at home. When this has not been the case, the in-store recycling facilities should be used.
  • For longer/overnight paddling trips, club members could arrange to share food and water in Tupperware boxes to save on space and waste. Ideally no plastic waste would be taken on the trip, to eliminate risk of leaving any refuse at camping/picnic spots.

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More information. 

If you’d like to know more about WeSUP’s commitment to the environment, please read our Environmental Policy, or contact us. If you’re interested in learning more about the plastic-free initiative please visit, Surfers Against Sewage, Falmouth Marine ConservationReFill, and The Last Straw.

WeSUP’s Environmental Policy

wesup gylly sunset


WeSUP Paddleboard Centre does not consider its location on the Cornish coastline as something to take lightly. We are deeply invested in ensuring that we maintain strong positive environmental attitudes throughout our business development. This will be actioned by identifying key areas for improvement and developing appropriate plans in response.

The Business


WeSUP will monitor and manage its use and consumption of energy. This can be done via limited use of lights in daylight hours, dimmer switches fitted, use of energy saving lightbulbs, all lights and electronic devices turned off when not in use.


WeSUP will endeavour to use water wisely and not waste water unnecessarily. Actions such as filling a bucket of water to clean wetsuits instead of running the hose and re-using water where possible will eliminate waste.


WeSUP conducts most of its activities from WeSUP HQ on Gylly Beach, therefore transport is not a major concern for the environmental policy. However, the staff are encouraged to walk/cycle to work, and where cars are unavoidable, lift sharing is practiced.

Stationary and Supplies.

WeSUP has committed to reducing plastic in its stationary and supplies. A digital check-in system will replace paper indemnity forms and plastic pens, wooden hangers replace plastic, and pencils and refillable pens will be used where needed. More on this can be found in the WeSUP Plastic Free Policy.

Improve Recycling/Minimise Waste.

WeSUP is installing 4 recycling bins in the shop, which will be well labeled and easily identifiable. These are to be used by all staff and visitors to WeSUP HQ. Waste will be minimized by educating staff and club members to reduce their individual waste. More on this can be found in the WeSUP Plastic Free Policy.

Dealing with Like-Minded Companies

WeSUP works with local charities and foundations to constantly improve its environmental policies. We also co-operate on projects such as beach cleans and education programs.

The Staff

Ownership of the environmental policy by WeSUP employees is a very important staff responsibility. We educate staff on our role in protecting the environment that we live and work in, with the hope that they can propagate this mentality throughout all customers and club members they interact with. Staff should feel glad to take on this responsibility, and not just obliged.

The People

WeSUP will work hard to share messages about protecting the environment through its social media presence. Visitors can be incentivized to do beach/ocean cleans through competitions and encouragement from the staff. Environmental and plastic free policies can be made important parts of club members’ experiences.


This policy is authorized and agreed to by Sean White, the business owner 15/2/2018, and will be revisited in 6 months’ time to ensure that progress is being made.

All New SUP Fitness, Health & Wellbeing 

wesup headstand fitness health and well being

WeSUP Fitness

An evolution in your fitness, health & well being routine

There are a few brilliant reasons why you have all been hearing so much hype on the benefits of WeSUP fitness – You get rapid results, it’s insanely fun and it’s exercise on the ocean which is just the coolest way to get fit! Now, thanks to a new partnership between WeSUP and St Michaels Health Club, WeSUP just got a whole lot more exciting as we introduce 6 revolutionary new SUP fitness, health & wellbeing classes to our huge activity roster.

Classes start on March 5th and will be announced on a week by week bases according to the weather and ocean conditions. Most classes will run before work at 7am and after work from 6 pm, and of course, on the weekends for all, you weekend warriors!

Below is all the information to tell you how you can get involved and what is in store for your health and fitness this coming WeSUP season – It’s genuinely exciting, so please read on!

wesup fitness and lifestyle

An Exclusive Fitness Opportunity

Here at WeSUP, we LOVE the incredible new gym facility at St Michaels Health Club and over the winter we’ve really made the most of the beautiful new pool, sauna and steam room to warm up after our winter paddles! Plus, the super high-tech gym has enabled us to keep on top of our beach ready fitness and we really want you to join us! So we have an exclusive offer just for you.

As a Club WeSUP member, you qualify for a place on our members only corporate St Michaels Health Club account. This means you will pay just £38.40 a month for your Health Club membership, saving a HUGE £172.80 per year. That huge saving is enough to pay your Club WeSUP Season membership and still get some change! So if you are thinking about joining the gym over there, consider joining us first so that you can take advantage of this great deal and all that Club WeSUP has to offer – Which is a lot! More on that later.

So what about WeSUP Fitness?

From March 1st we will be introducing a brand new SUP fitness class to St Michaels Health Club gym timetable. It’s called ‘WeSUP Circuits & Intervals’ and will be exclusively available to St Michaels Health Club members. The class is an explosive, lung-busting montage of familiar exercises in a totally new and dynamic environment. Just imagine performing Squats, Burpees, Crunches, and Planks on a paddleboard with the ocean moving beneath your body. It’s basically a balanced ball taken to entirely new levels when combined with anaerobic sprint paddling and a whole load of WeSUP fun! Check out the video here shot by our friends at SUP Fit!

Fancy WeSUP Yoga Or Even WeSUP & Swim Too?

As a Club WeSUP member, you will also be able to join in on our other super exciting WeSUP fitness, health & wellbeing classes which include – WeSUP Yoga, WeSUP & Run, WeSUP & Swim, WeSUP Meditation, WeSUPathlon, and WeSUP Endurance. You will need to join Club WeSUP where all of these classes plus your SUP Circuits and Intervals will be free of charge. You can do that here – If you are already a member of St Michaels Health Club and would just like to take part in SUP Circuits & Intervals, that class is available to you and will cost just £5 per session and payable to WeSUP each time with either cash or card and bookable in your usual Health Club way.

Core Fitness & Social Ocean Therapy

WeSUP Fitness is way more than just a fun and social way to get fit. With the simplest action of standing on water and paddling through the phases, you will work deep and intricate core muscles which are really hard to work in a normal or static environment. Your core muscles will develop into strong stabilizing muscles which in turn will allow you to better load your big muscle groups and then you know what comes next… More power, more sustainable fitness, and more personal results. Plus, you’ll make a whole load of great new friends to share some epic ocean-based adventures with! If you are really interested in how WeSUP fitness works your core, click here have a read of this blog post on Core Paddling

Exclusive Perks & Financial Rewards

Remember, you can join our new WeSUP Intervals & Circuits class as an existing Health Club Member but if you also become a Club WeSUP member before March 1st, you will enjoy a huge number of exclusive member benefits that include:

  • Save £50 off your Spring | Summer Club WeSUP membership which will include:
    • Free beginner or advanced WeSUP Lesson + 3 specialist skill clinics
    • Unlimited board & paddle rental all season!
    • Full access to over 20 Club WeSUP activities including SUP & Jump, Tanker Tagging, Paddle & Picnic, and Night Paddling!
    • Full access to Club Socials including Beach House Parties, Explore Cornwall, Pizza & Pints and Sunday Roast on The Coast.
    • 20% Friends & Family discount on all SUP activities
    • Click here to join today!
  • Save £172.80 per year on your St Michaels Health Club gym membership and gain access to extra WeSUP Fit activities including:
    • SUP & Spa
    • SUP & Swim
    • Spa Hang Out’s
    • WeSUP Gym Buddies
  • Save 15% off everything at Gylly Beach Café
  • Save 10% off everything with our friends at Sessions Surf Shop
  • Save 10% off fine wine and spirits at The Bottle Bank

Round Up

So that’s it! Joining both Club WeSUP and St Michaels Health Club will open your life up to the most adventurous opportunity to keep fit, make some amazing new friends and make the most of the spectacular environment that we are so lucky to live amongst!

Join Club WeSUP here and then pop in to visit us, collect your membership card. Then, head over to St Michaels and sign up to our corporate St Michaels Health Club account.

We can’t wait to welcome you into our family so please note that there are just 100 memberships available and when they are gone, they’ll be gone! Grab yours today and don’t miss out on another season of Club WeSUP!

If you have any questions or queries about starting your WeSUP Fit revolution, email us at [email protected]!

A new world demand for life experiences over stuff!

Amazing & Meaningful Life Experiences

We are living in strange and unique times – Global warming, consumerism, globalisation and the internet are contributing to a radical shift in human attitude.

wesup voucherThe conscientious amongst us are waking from our sleep walk and making better decisions on what is truly important in our lives. We no longer seek validation of our social status by the stuff we can show off, like our massive houses and flashy cars. To many, that fading attitude seems a little crass, even vulgar – certainly uncool. Instead we seek a life of clean living, good health, environmental and social sustainability and meaningful life experiences. It would seem that our positive mental health, friendships and time away from the busy day to day grind are amongst the top human priorities. We have stopped living for the dreams of our boss and instead seek true personal fulfilment and joy in the simple things.

paddleboarding life experiencesThe team at WeSUP are enjoying countless stories from the thousands of people we see each year who reflect on their life experiences with us. For many, their experiences at WeSUP have revolutionised their lives. Our customers have commented that with our help and support they have overcome social anxieties, they have learned to work with the ocean’s environment and now enjoy the coolness of our British waters. They have found a new and exciting way to keep fit, they have uncovered a desire to explore and for the first time in their lives, they can see themselves falling in love with a watersport.

Such notions embellish the very good reasons why SUP has become the fastest growing water sport in the world. Its the most accessible, dynamic, safe and simple social activity you can do on the ocean. No matter what your age or ability, WeSUPing will fill you with an immediate sense of personal gratification and lustful happiness. Almost every human (and dog) that stands on a paddleboard for the very first time immediately identifies themselves as a paddler, and seeks the opportunity to incorporate it into their lifestyle.

paddleboard headstand wesupWeSUP see the world of SUP very differently to most and our mission is help people exploit the incredible opportunity for an improved lifestyle through SUP. If you, your best friend or your loved one has a desire to try stand up paddleboarding, we can guarantee you an experience that will supersede your expectation. We are so certain in fact, that if you are not completely happy, we offer a no quibble money back guarantee.

This year we have set up a great voucher scheme so that you can gift the gift of WeSUP to your besties! Vouchers start from as little as £12 and can be found online by following this link. Below you can find a handy guide to the top 5 voucher ideas.


  1.   £12 SUP Hire – A one hour session and a great DIY solution for a confident customer in safe sea conditions. Board, paddle, buoyancy aid safety instruction is included.
  2.   £20 Taster Lesson – This voucher will give them a 30 minute lesson with a senior instructor along with 30 minutes of free time to enjoy the basic skills they will learn. A perfect experience for someone who is confident but wants to learn the basics correctly or for the younger ones who’s attention to detailed instruction is limited.
  3.   £40 Beginner SUP Lesson – This 90 minute session will take any novice from zero experience to a competent and skillful paddler. 60 mins with an instructor and 30 mins of free time. We guarantee their success and if we fail (which we won’t) we pledge a free second session by way of voucher.
  4.   £60 Private Lesson – Much like the beginner SUP Lesson above only that the timings and group size are all on your terms. Perfect if the paddler requires focused instructor training for health or confidence reasons or simply doesn’t want to be a part of a group.
  5.   £155 Club WeSUP membership – Our seasonal memberships are incredible value for money. Not only do members get to meet and befriend the nicest bunch of humans they could ever wish for, they will get a beginner SUP lesson, Reading Charts & Weather Clinic, Learn to Turn Clinic and Footwork Clinic, PLUS free use of a board and paddle every single day or the season and free access to all our Club Fitness sessions, adventures and fun activities & socials. It’s insane value! Spring Summer Season lasts from 1st March – 30th September but buys yours today to guarantee your place before we sell out.

join club wesup

Is Stand Up Paddleboarding becoming more popular than surfing?

Well… It’s hard to see how the allure of gracefully gliding across your favourite body of water (lake, fjord, ocean, river, canal etc…) whilst working on your fitness and mental health and simultaneously undertaking a micro expedition of sorts and enjoying a good conversation with your paddleboarding pals is an un-attractive prospect to any new watersports enthusiast. Match those sentiments with the fact that a sometimes uncomfortable or unflattering wetsuit is entirely optional and that it can be enjoyed everyday, regardless of whether there are good waves or not and I’d say yes… People are beginning to switch on to the incredible accessibility of this amazing sport and stand up paddleboarding seems set to continue exploding into our lives.

wesup paddleboarding gylly beach

This is not to say that SUP is better than surfing, it only answers the question as to why I believe that in another 10 years time, SUP will be challenging the biggest sectors of watersports for sure. I think purely based on the sheer number of additional possibilities to get on the water, SUP can only continue its rapid and welcome evolution into our lives.

Just think of all those beautiful lakes, rivers, lochs, oceans and puddles! Literally, every single body of water in the world can now be accessed with this sport in a way that will suit almost every single human profile. So, whether for fitness, mindfulness, health and wellbeing, adventure, adrenaline, family time, friendship forming, working on your suntan, doing some yoga or working on your mental health – Stand Up Paddleboarding offers something to almost everyone and I know surfing boasts many of these qualities, but quite honestly – Surfing is bloody difficult! It requires a great deal of being bashed up and drowned before you even that first unforgettable glide, and then sometimes years of practice, traveling and experimenting before you accomplish your first visit to the ‘green room’ and finally attain the right to boast the quality that you are a surfer!

wesup stand up paddleboardingSUP boasts instantaneous gratification regardless of your age, ability, fitness, weight, previous watersports experience or social status, especially with the support of a lesson by a quality SUP School, of which there are now many popping up all over the planet. There will be no near-drowning accounts or close calls with other peoples kit flying towards your face in the surf. You may not even get your hair wet on your first go and to many, many people in the world, these factors will appeal more that those associated to surfing – In my humble opinion.

I’m bias of course, but it is not my addiction to the sport that I am referencing. It is the countless accounts of how the sport is changing peoples lives from the very first contact. I mean, if Jesus were a object, he’d be a paddleboard for sure!



wesup sup voucherI’d love to hear your thoughts, especially any alternative views. And, if you are going to be a total legend and give the gift of SUP this Christmas, WeSUP have a great selection of vouchers for SUP experiences from just £12. You can buy them online by following this link. https://wesup.co.uk/product-category/vouchers/

If you would rather we send you a quality printed copy over a digital version, please call the shop on 01326 311830 to speak with one of our super friendly staff, or email [email protected]. We’ll get that sorted for you – no sweat!

Club WeSUP Autumn | Winter Explained

Club WeSUP membership
Ello Petals! Welcome to Club WeSUP!

I just want to clear up all the questions that I have been asked about the new Club WeSUP membership options. The options really are all new and naturally when things change they need a little explaining… so here goes!

Gold Memberships

These new Club WeSUP memberships are our best value memberships ever. This seasons Gold Membership is an upgrade of lasts seasons Silver Plus. The upgrade means that you get unlimited access to our board store and a whole host of exciting classes and clinics meaning that you can take our equipment at anytime, even outside of our normal opening hours – Just as long as you have completed all of the required training indicated on your training card. There will be no need to re-do training that you already achieved during last season’s Club WeSUP sessions, we will just sign your new training card and you’ll have all the freedom you’ve earned. Of course you will also have unlimited access to our amazing line-up of SUP activities, adventures, fitness sessions and Club WeSUP members only social events.

Just 50 Gold Club WeSUP memberships available. Grab yours here whilst they  are discounted for the early birds until September 20th!

Student and Discount Memberships

The Student and Discount membership is available for EVERYONE, not just students. It has been introduced to answer the needs of the less adventurous paddler and those of you who like us are on a budget. You still have the option to pay just £20 more to undertake your Advanced Lesson to gain the ability to join in on all but 2 of our much higher rated activities. Within this Club WeSUP membership as standard (without the upgraded advanced lesson) you will still have access to our most popular classes and clinics, activities and adventures within Gylly Bay which include SUP & Jump, SUP Meditation & Yoga, SUP & Swim and much, much more. Plus of course our amazing social line up which is of course Club WeSUP members only and includes a very special mid-month members only party that starts at our beach house – VIP’s only!

Just 100 Student & Discount memberships available. Grab yours here whilst they are discounted for the early birds until September 30th

New Training & Rating Cards

Last season, some of you were turned away from certain adventures because you lacked the skills to keep up with the more experienced paddlers or to keep yourselves safe at sea. We absolutely hated turning you away as we pride ourselves on our all-inclusive attitudes so this season that stops. We have introduced the Ratings & Training Card which works on a traffic light system. It will allow you to clearly index your personal ability next to the activities and adventures that we offer so that you can be sure you have the skills to attend.

Quite simply:

  • if you complete the GREEN rated classes & clinics you can take part in the GREEN rated activities. You only need to complete the Beginner Lesson to gain access to the GREEN rated activities but we hope that your new Training Card will inspire you to take more of the GREEN rated classes and become a more skilled and a more responsible and safe paddler.
  • As a Student & Discount member, if you want to take part in our AMBER rated activities, you must first complete all the GREEN rated Classes & Clinics and then undertake the Advanced Lesson at a cost of just £20 (including a 50% discount) It’s up to you if you wish to pay for additional training thereafter but again, we hope you will be inspired by your training card to be a better, safer paddler.
  • As a Gold member, you will need to have completed all your Green & Amber rated classes & clinics before you gain the freedom to take boards outside of opening hours. This is pure safety because your safety and enjoyment is everything to us. Of course, if we already know you have the skills then we will sign your training card as we deem appropriate so that you can gain the freedom you’ve earned right away.

If you guys have any further Q’s please do not hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and we cant wait for you to join our family!

Get your membership here

or contact us on the details below

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01326 311830


Which leg should you wear your leash on? Does it really matter?

Back-foot; “The step-peg that one uses for control and power during sexy manoeuvres.”

It’s funny that I’ve been compelled to write about something that takes only a couple of seconds to explain, but I get asked this question so often that I actually think my response requires a permanent place on the wonderful web.

Your leash is supposed to attach to what is commonly known as your ‘back-foot’. Your back-foot is a term that I know best from surfing and it refers to the foot which is at the back of the board when I am riding a wave. My back-foot enables me to become naturally balanced as I deliver control and power to my manoeuvres and the reason my leash is attached to that foot is so that when I step back to ride the wave and control my board, my leash drags behind me and does not get tangled under my feet. That would happen every time if I were to strap the leash to my front foot thus hindering me from my maximum ability to shred the knar and a wayward leash would definitely cause an unwanted distraction when in the green room (Ha!). Just kidding, but not about the leash getting under your feet.

When most start out stand up paddleboarding they are not riding waves and stepping back to perform manoeuvres that require the leash to be out of the way. They are stood square footed and gently paddling their favourite stretch of water. However, rather than standing square footed (feet parallel) you should all be taught to stand on your board in what we call an engaged stance. That means one foot slightly in front of the other so that you can maintain balance when you rock forwards or backwards off balance. Standing with your feet totally parallel only really gives you lateral stability (side to side) and leaves the tiny muscles in your toes to do all the work of stabilising your forward and back discrepancies. So, it’s still a good idea to know which is your back foot so that you can stand in this correct engaged stance.

So, how do you discover your back foot? Well it’s hard to say but I have a couple of methods that I use on my clients although I’m sure there is a text book method out there. I encourage my guys and girls to initially just put the leash on the ankle that they reach to first as the leg that they first present to the leash is often the leg that they are happiest to control, or in my terms, that would be the leg that delivers the natural balance and control during a manoeuvre. Another test is to stand with both feet together on flat ground and get someone to push you backwards with a little force. The leg that you put backwards to catch your balance is most likely to be your natural back-foot. I stress, this is not an exact science but a method that might help your thirst for back-foot discovery!

With your back-foot potentially being discovered on dry land, you’ll now need to head into the water with your SUP and get stood up. Keep your head up and facing out towards the horizon and without looking down at your feet, take a step back into the ‘engaged stance’. Your leash should be on the ankle that is furthest back on the board. If this is not the case, you have probably not got the leash around your natural foot so come back to the land, take off your leash and swap it to the other ankle. One way or the other, you should feel that the leash is not a distraction. It should feel totally comfortable to wear and should not become tangled under your feet an any time.

I really hope this helps and wish you every success discovering your back-foot!

SUP Fitness: 20% arms, 80% Core. What are your stats?

ultimate paddler

SUP Fitness; “An ambition to stray far from grey, disenchanting and monotonous indoor exercise”

Almost everyone who has ever heard of SUP has also heard that it’s good for your ‘core.’ Well, they are right and yes, it is. Very good in fact! It’s important though that if you are to use SUP for core fitness and really make the most of it, you are trained by an instructor how to properly engage your core whilst you paddle, or at the very least understand how to train yourself in order minimise the risk of injury, maintain your safety and maximise the amount of fun and productivity to your fitness session.

Almost every stand-up paddleboarder out there is either paddling on a basic introductory lesson or with no training at all. Those without any training are easily recognisable because they are often paddling bolt upright using almost entirely arm power. I call those people the 80:20’s. It’s not a derogatory term at all, it just refers to a person who uses 80% arm power to 20% core which by the way is totally fine for a leisurely paddle around the bay whilst reeling off your juicy gossip to your SUP buddy. However, I’m here now to enlighten those of you who perhaps do not know that there is a very specific mechanical action to your paddling that requires body rotation, leverage and total core stability.

When you paddle with the understanding that you use your entire body to transfer power down from the handle of your paddle, through the length of the paddle shaft, into the blade and finally into the water, your stand up paddleboarding experience will become revolutionised. Applying this knowledge to your stroke will enable you to paddle with at least 50% more power and will transform your 5km paddle trip around the bay into a 15km coastal adventure almost overnight. Everything will feel so much less stressful on your shoulders and arms as you finally gain the ability to engage your entire body of muscles which will initiate new found power as you propel yourself around your water way with grace and purpose.

I’m going to level with you though guys and girls… Realistically you would have to read an entire book on how to paddle if you are to try and digest the entire instruction by reading, mostly because there are of course so many variables that effect your ability to paddle. Everything from the type of equipment you are using, the environment in which you are paddling and of course your own physiology. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to write a book so I am going to just offer you the base understanding of the essential principles. In the end, teaching you how to paddle efficiently and with good skill and technique is a very personal thing. Like any other sport, if you want to be stronger, faster and improve your stamina, you will need some basic coaching to get you going. The basics are not difficult to master but as you progress your skills you will need to train and you will need to be focused. When it all clicks into place you’ll never look back and the traditional forms of gym based exercise will wither into a pale, unremarkable memory.

20:80, this is our primary objective as a core fitness paddler. That’s 20% arm power and 80% coming from the rest of your body. Even if you have arms like the Hulk, they are still much more efficient when supported by the larger muscles throughout the rest of your body. When paddling I like to think of my arms mostly as the vehicles to hold onto my paddle. The amount of exercise my arms do will rely on everything I do with the rest of my body once I have inserted my entire blade into the water and developed a solid catch or anchor point from which I can pull. To elaborate just a little, the blade is designed to ‘catch’ water in the pocket which is the area (or side) of the blade that you look at before committing it to the water. Once the blade is fully submerged, you may then begin to squeeze and compress the water that is caught in the pocket. That compression will then transfer into forward propulsion (movement under power). The more efficiently you catch and compress the water with the paddle, combined with the amount of power you can generate by driving load down though the paddle into that blade and finally pulling through the shaft as you deliver rotation to your stroke, the faster you will go and the more anaerobic your exercise will become.

Before you can deliver any power to your arms and torso, you must fully stabilise you body from the waist down. You should ensure that your feet are no more than shoulder width distance apart and are in a slightly engaged stance (one foot half way in front of the other) and stood right over the ‘sweet-spot’ of your board so that it maintains a nice flat waterline when you power up. Your toes should be griping into the deck pad and you should crunch your powerful leg muscles into action so that they become fully stabilised in time for the full power phase. Once stabilised, you will then power up your Glutes, Traps and Lats before simultaneously driving power down from your top hand using your Triceps, Deltoids and Abdominals before finally delivering a burst of progressive power through a body rotation that uses your Obliques, your Lats your Pectorals, your Glutes, Hamstrings and Calves.

Hopefully, this explanation sparks some clarity on the matter of the 80:20’s paddler. It is clear to see that in 10 of the most prevalent muscle groups we use whilst stand up paddleboarding, just 2 groups (your Triceps and Deltoids) deliver your arm power to paddle.

So what are your stats?

If you would like to improve your paddle stroke for SUP Fitness, Safety or just because you want to become a more efficient and accomplished paddler, why not take a look at WeSUP’s all new SUP Academy. You can purchase any number of our modular courses to get paddling exactly how you want to paddle. Courses start from as little as £25 for a 60minute introductory group lesson and £60 for the 90minute private lesson. All courses include a competency award certificate and inclusion into our national data base where you can prove to other centres across the country that you have the skills to paddle