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Paddle Board

Wesup are the unquestionable masters of stand up paddle board lessons and your safety and enjoyment on the water is our everything!

From £25

SUP lessons

Our unrivalled 12 years of experience ensures you are in safe and understanding care. We have perfected our teaching methods and can promise you a fun, dynamic and successful experience that moves at your pace. Whether you’re a total beginner or improver paddler, our paddle board lessons will help you from the ground up to ensure you gain the skills you’re looking for. The more capable you are, the more knowledge and skill we can offer.

Whats included

Our unrivalled 12 years of experience ensures you are in safe and understanding care.


Paddle, Board and 50N Buoyanancy Aid included with every session

Your safety

Your safety is our priority, that's why every hire session includes an informative safety brief

Under 18's

Under 18's must be booked in by legal guardian who remains in eye and earshot. This activity is not suitable for under 14s. ( 10-14's can join our family lesson)


Taster lesson

£30 | +14's only

Our fun little taster paddle board lessons are perfect for confident learners. Ideal for water confident people who want to give paddle boarding a try but just need a little nudge in the right direction. 

Your lesson will consist of 30 minutes of instruction time and 30 minutes of free practice time. The session covers essential paddle skills and personal safety and we’ll guide you through practical demonstrations on the land and water to ensure you have a great time learning the basics.

beginner lesson

£49 | +14's only

Our amazing beginner paddle board lessons are simply the greatest introduction to the sport you could wish for. No matter what your current ability, skill set or level of confidence, this class will teach you every essential skill you need to become a safe, responsible and skilful stand up paddle boarder from this very first lesson.

If you have bought a board during lock down or are looking for a genuine high quality experience to discover the sport, you’ve come to the perfect place! This lesson is for those looking to become safe, strong and skilful paddlers who can navigate their environment with real purpose and real confidence. With just 60 minutes of fun, informative and pragmatic instruction and 30 minutes of free practice time, we guarantee your success!

private lesson

£70 | +14's only

For the ultimate introduction to stand up paddle boarding or to dramatically enhance your current skills, our private SUP lesson is the obvious choice for you. During this focused clinic, you will be professionally coached by our most senior instructor and your instruction will be perfectly tailored to your ability and ambition. 

Our private lesson is also a great option for those who prefer the intimacy and privacy of a solo or self appointed group. You can of course add people to your private lesson but please note that the fee per person remains the same for the special privilege and benefits of private instruction at a time which suits you. 

You’ll have 60 minutes with the instructor, and then 30 minutes to try out your new skills by yourself. Remember, unlike a beginner lesson, we can tailor a private lesson to fit your goals.

FAMILY lesson

£25 | + 10-14yrs only

Teaching the next generation of kids and parents to stand up paddle board is our wonderful privilege and an absolute joy! That’s why we’ve created this new, family focused learning environment. This saves you money and offers a lighter touch to the lesson with more play time in the experience. 

The family lesson allows youngsters from 10 -14 years to learn how to stand up paddle board with Wesup’s amazing instructors whilst remaining within eye and earshot of their legal guardian. Sessions last 60 minutes and group sizes are limited to 6 kids + their guardians.

Please note: 1 adult must supervise a maximum of 3 kids during the session. This keeps things safe and focused. Adults are encouraged to join the kids on the water. At the very least, they must remain on the waters edge within eye and earshot of the entire class.