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wesup guided tours offer a perfect way to untether from the land and reconnect with nature. A stunning introduction to paddling wether on a paddle board or in a kayak this enables you to see the environment from a totally different perspective.

what to expect

Our guided tours offer a sensational way to take your SUP experience to the next level. Disconnect from your busy life, untether from the land and glide away to explore the environment, connect with nature and experience stand up paddle boarding with totally new perspective

During the tour, our experienced, warm and friendly guides will support your safety and enhance your paddle skill with subtle tips that will enable you to paddle further and stronger, but this won’t be a race or a feat of endurance. Paddle board tours at wesup are all about being in the moment and appreciating each part of the journey. It’s a real micro-adventure in which you can slow down your mind, notice the environment, the wildlife and the weather and look back at the world with an incredible new perspective. It’s also a super social and rare activity where you can just have a chat and connect with your paddle buddies. 

Whether you have your own board, or want to use one of our high-quality inflatable paddle boards, we promise you that this will be a unique and memorable experience that will light up your inspiration.

Whats included

Our unrivalled 12 years of experience ensures you are in safe and understanding care.


Paddle, Paddle Board or kayak and 50N Buoyanancy Aid included with every session

Your safety

Your safety is our priority, that's why every hire session includes an informative safety brief

Under 18's

Under 18's must be accompanied by a guardian who joins the tour. This activity is not suitable for under 12s.


Sunrise tour

£45* | +12's only | 2 hours

*£10 discount if using your own board

Available at: wesup Abbey Sands & wesup Gylly Beach

Experience the most peaceful and soothing guided tour at sunrise with wesup.

Sunrise is without question the most enchanting moment of the day. The warmth of the light that floods the new day fills your heart and creates an indescribable sense of purpose and connection to your inner world. It’s a supremely nourishing and rich experience that is both addictive and fulfilling.

If you are brand new to paddle boarding, we ask that you either take a wesup lesson prior to joining a guided tour or be certain and confident of your ability to keep up with the group. If you’d like to join the tour on a kayak, please check availability at your chosen location.

Come and start your day the wesup way!


£60* | +12's only | 3 hours

*£10 discount if using your own board

Available at: wesup Dartside Quay

Want to begin paddle boarding on the river but don’t know where to start? This tour is for you.

The introduction to the River Dart Paddle board tour is perfect for existing paddlers or adventurous beginners. The River Dart starts in Dartmoor and flows down to the South Devon coastline. The winding tree-lined banks of the river offer a picturesque and secluded feel, perfect for spotting wildlife and connecting with nature. 

This tour will start with a 30 minute river paddling 101 on land, covering basic technique, understanding tides and route planning. Our friendly senior instructors will then guide you down the river, giving you tips as you go, pointing out the local points of interest and answering any questions you may have. This is a perfect introduction to river paddling, setting you up nicely for future adventures.

If you’d like to join the tour on a kayak, please check availability at your chosen location.  


£60* | +18's only | 3 hours

*£10 discount if using your own board

Available at: wesup Dartside Quay

Come join us for a leisurely paddle on the River Dart. The paddle to the pub tour is the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings that the river has to offer. This group guided tour is a great opportunity to explore the River Dart with the support of one of our friendly senior instructors and meet some new people. We will stop off at one of the unique riverside pubs on route, for a well deserved pint!

Brand new to paddle boarding? The first 30 minutes of this tour will be a SUP lesson covering basic paddle technique. If you are worried this is not enough time to gain your confidence in the water, we would recommend booking on to our lessons before participating in the tour. 

If you’d like to join the tour on a kayak, please check availability at your chosen location.  

Perfect paddle board experiences, enjoyed the wesup way!