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WeSUP Paddleboard Centre does not consider its location on the Cornish coastline as something to take lightly. We are deeply invested in ensuring that we maintain strong positive environmental attitudes throughout our business development. This will be actioned by identifying key areas for improvement and developing appropriate plans in response.

The Business


WeSUP will monitor and manage its use and consumption of energy. This can be done via limited use of lights in daylight hours, dimmer switches fitted, use of energy saving lightbulbs, all lights and electronic devices turned off when not in use.


WeSUP will endeavour to use water wisely and not waste water unnecessarily. Actions such as filling a bucket of water to clean wetsuits instead of running the hose and re-using water where possible will eliminate waste.


WeSUP conducts most of its activities from WeSUP HQ on Gylly Beach, therefore transport is not a major concern for the environmental policy. However, the staff are encouraged to walk/cycle to work, and where cars are unavoidable, lift sharing is practiced.

Stationary and Supplies.

WeSUP has committed to reducing plastic in its stationary and supplies. A digital check-in system will replace paper indemnity forms and plastic pens, wooden hangers replace plastic, and pencils and refillable pens will be used where needed. More on this can be found in the WeSUP Plastic Free Policy.

Improve Recycling/Minimise Waste.

WeSUP is installing 4 recycling bins in the shop, which will be well labeled and easily identifiable. These are to be used by all staff and visitors to WeSUP HQ. Waste will be minimized by educating staff and club members to reduce their individual waste. More on this can be found in the WeSUP Plastic Free Policy.

Dealing with Like-Minded Companies

WeSUP works with local charities and foundations to constantly improve its environmental policies. We also co-operate on projects such as beach cleans and education programs.

The Staff

Ownership of the environmental policy by WeSUP employees is a very important staff responsibility. We educate staff on our role in protecting the environment that we live and work in, with the hope that they can propagate this mentality throughout all customers and club members they interact with. Staff should feel glad to take on this responsibility, and not just obliged.

The People

WeSUP will work hard to share messages about protecting the environment through its social media presence. Visitors can be incentivized to do beach/ocean cleans through competitions and encouragement from the staff. Environmental and plastic free policies can be made important parts of club members’ experiences.


This policy is authorized and agreed to by Sean White, the business owner 15/2/2018, and will be revisited in 6 months’ time to ensure that progress is being made.

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